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Spinosaurus Bone | Fossil | Gift Box

Spinosaurus Bone | Fossil | Gift Box

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The Spinosaurus is among the rarest of the meat-eating theropod dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period.

The Spinosaurus is believed to have inhabited both land and water, using its webbed feet and dorsal sail, along with its powerful tail to become the apex predator of its time.

The skull of the Spinosaurus had crocodile-like jaws capable of serious damage and bite power.

Each Spinosaurus Fossil Gift Box contains one authentic Spinosaurus bone fragment from the Kem Kem Formation in Morocco.

This item makes for a great display piece in an office, living room, or entrance and conveniently will stand upright for easy display on a flat surface such as a bookshelf.

Note that individual bone fragments vary, and may appear different than shown in images.

Product Dimensions:

Transparent Lucite Case with magnetic lid:

4.1/8 x 3.3/8 x 1 inch

105 x 85 x 25 mm

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