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Triceratops Bone | Fossil | Gift Box

Triceratops Bone | Fossil | Gift Box

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The Triceratops is one of the most iconic herbivore dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period.

The Triceratops had one of the largest heads of any land animal, with some having as many as 800 teeth.

It’s three horns and large frill were used not only as defensive weapons, and to forage with, but also as identification, courtship, and dominance display.

Each Triceratops Fossil Gift Box contains one authentic Triceratops bone fragment from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana, USA.

This item makes for a great display piece in an office, living room, or entrance and conveniently will stand upright for easy display on a flat surface such as a bookshelf.

Note that individual bone fragments vary, and may appear different than shown in images.

Product Dimensions:

Transparent Lucite Case with magnetic lid:

4.1/8 x 3.3/8 x 1 inch

105 x 85 x 25 mm

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